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Al Jazeera 26 Jan 2020

Brazil: Dozens killed as heavy rains cause floods, landslides


In southeast Brazil, two days of intense downpours in the states of Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, and Espiritu Santo have caused the worst flooding in decades.
Dozens have been killed and thousands forced from their homes because of landslides and buildings collapsing.

Al Jazeera's Manuel Rapalo reports from Betim, Brazil.

Cell phone footage of houses being swept away by a mudslide in Sao Paulo, Brazil was captured by a nearby resident, Monday, February 10.

Firefighters rescued a girl trapped in one of the two destroyed homes later.

Torrential rains and flooding have ravaged Brazil's largest city over the weekend and local media reported more heavy rains are expected to fall in Sao Paulo. (AP)
Many Killed as Bus Crashes With Truck in India

Caption: A bus crashed head-on with a truck in southern India, Thursday, February 20, killing at least 19 people and injuring 23 others.

The accident occurred near Avanashi, a town in the Tamil Nadu state.

More than 110,000 people are killed every year in road accidents in India, according to police. (AP)
Dozens of people have been killed, including five children, after a series of tornadoes tore through the US state of Tennessee.
At least three people are missing.
Al Jazeera's Leah Harding reports.
Flood warnings have replaced bushfire alerts in southeast Australia.
The rains in New South Wales are among the heaviest in almost 20 years.
But the combination of fire and rain has sparked new problems.
Al Jazeera's Alexi O'Brien reports.

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