Forbes 21 May 2020

Border Businesses vs State Regulations: The Struggles Of Reopening America


Restaurants with locations in multiple states face a unique set of challenges as they navigate pandemic operations under conflicting guidelines. Rhombus Pizza's Matt Winjum discusses how he's keeping up with changing regulations between his Minnesota and North Dakota locations during the Covid-19 pandemic. Mayor Mike Brown weighs in on how border states like these two are working together to maintain safety protocols for the citizens who frequently cross state lines while also safely reopening small businesses to boost both economies. Sound tricky? You bet.

Residents willing to risk spreading the virus are eager to get back to business, but doctors warn that rush to reopen could be catastrophic.
Child abuse intervention experts are sounding an alarm over a spike in abuse cases during coronavirus lockdowns. CBS News' Jericka Duncan shares the accounts of some child welfare workers who recorded video diaries of the lengths they must go to meet with kids and families while observing health precautions.
Michael Steele tells Andrea Mitchell that the politicization of the reopening push is "beyond unfortunate" as some of the decisions being made will lead to more cases and more deaths, and that despite the deep financial impact of the lockdown on workers, working conditions need to be considered and employee health needs to be prioritized. Aired on 05/15/2020.
According to the White House, the U.S. is leading the race in COVID-19 testing with over 5 million tests conducted to date. One America's Jenn Pellegrino spoke with former HHS Chief of Staff Scott Whitaker about this critical component of reopening the country.

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