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RT America 26 Dec 2019

Boeing documents show 'very disturbing' concerns over 737 MAX


With the emergence of new documents showing Boeing employee concerns about the 737 MAX jet, the company's new CEO is apparently intending to focus on FAA Cooperation. RT America's Natasha Sweatte has the story.

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Foreign objects were found in some 737 Max planes storage locations in Washington State and in San Antonio.
China is deploying its mass surveillance system in an effort to combat the spread of the coronavirus.
As millions return to major cities and resume work, they will be subject to unprecedented monitoring.
New facial recognition and temperature scanning technology have been installed in public transport systems.
The government says it is being used to keep everyone safe.
But concerns are growing over the "big brother" use of data, giving police the power to create a digital authoritarian state.
Al Jazeera's Katrina Yu reports from Zhengzhou, China.
Officials found that a failure of oversight from the FAA, along with corporate pressure, lack of transparency and design failures from Boeing, all led to the fatal plane crash that killed hundreds.
Amazon workers at the Staten Island, New York, facility walked off the job on Monday over safety concerns, and Instacart workers are also striking for better working conditions amid the coronavirus crisis. Lisa Gresci of CBSN Boston reports.

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