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Al Jazeera 30 Oct 2020

Bodies of young people found in mass grave in Mexico's Guanajuato


The remains of young women are among 59 bodies found in a hidden grave in central Mexico.
It is the latest discovery as police and security forces struggle to contain violence that has led to a record number of murders, many linked to drug gangs.
Al Jazeera's Katia Lopez-Hodoyan reports.

Libyan authorities have dug 12 bodies from four more unmarked graves in the city of Tarhouna, adding to the scores of corpses already discovered since the area was recaptured in June by the Government of National Accord (GNA).

Tarhouna had for years been controlled by a militia known as the Kaniyat, run by the local Kani family, which fought alongside Khalifa Haftar's eastern-based Libyan National Army (LNA).

The GNA has issued arrest warrants for Kaniyat leaders who are now believed to be in eastern Libya.

When Turkish support helped the internationally recognized GNA take back Tarhouna in a sudden advance in June, its fighters found a hospital piled with bodies and unmarked graves containing missing people.

Investigators from the GNA's missing persons bureau have since then been working, in white forensic suits, to dig through the ruddy earth around Tarhouna for human remains and to identify the bodies.

Many of the bodies recovered so far were those found in the hospital. However, dozens of bodies have also been unearthed from the unmarked grave sites.

Sri Lanka's Navy and volunteers came together to rescue over 100 pilot whales stranded in the country's largest mass beaching, Tuesday, November 3.

At least 120 whales were pushed back to sea by sailors from the navy and the coastguard.

The school of short-finned pilot whales washed ashore south of Colombo on Monday. (AFP)
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