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Newsmax TV 7 Oct 2020

Bo Snerdley: Obama always got a pass


Longtime Rush Limbaugh producer Bo Snerdley comments on 'Russiagate' and the actions taken by the Obama administration during the time period in question. - with Newsmax TV's Chris Salcedo

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Kyle Lowry speaks with reporters after the Toronto Raptors' Game 3 win against the Boston Celtics and breaks down his pass to OG Anunoby that won the game.

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Historically, education has been a big issue for voters. But it hasn't always gotten much attention during presidential campaigns.
Since it premiered in 1989, Inside Edition has always gotten the interview with the heavy hitters in pop culture. Yoko Ono explained how her life was altered after her husband, John Lennon, was killed. Dolly Parton discussed her trailblazing career. James Brown granted us one his final interviews. Aretha Franklin predicted that Kelly Clarkson would be a major star. Howard Stern explained why he is the "king of all media." And Naomi Campbell invited us to a photo shoot in the Caribbean.
Actor John Lithgow, author of the 'Trumpty Dumpty' poetry books, explains how he got mean — and empathetic — to write about the "despotic age" of Trump, from the coronavirus to the killing of Washington Post contributing columnist Jamal Khashoggi.

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