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Associated Press 13 Feb 2020

Bloomberg: 'I apologize' for stop-and-frisk


Democratic presidential candidate and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg campaigned in Nashville on Wednesday and said he apologizes for 'stop-and-frisk,' the policing tactic that has been found to disproportionately affect minorities. (Feb. 13)

After defending the New York City Police Department's stop-and-frisk policy for years, Mike Bloomberg apologized for the policy in November 2019, one week before announcing his 2020 presidential campaign.
In an interview with CNN, Mike Bloomberg spoke about his controversial stop-and-frisk policy, conversations with President Obama and the state of play before Super Tuesday.
Mike Bloomberg is facing backlash over his previous support for stop-and-frisk, a policy that targeted young black and Latino men in New York City.
Trymaine Lee heads to East New York, a community that experienced more stops than any other part of New York City under Former Mayor Bloomberg's stop-and-frisk policy. In order to have a real shot at the Democratic nomination, Bloomberg needs the support of Black voters. Days before announcing his candidacy, Bloomberg apologized for the policing tactic. But will his past decision to champion the use of stop and frisk hurt his chances?

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