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Associated Press 22 May 2020

Birx offers Memorial Day weekend virus guidance


Dr. Deborah Birx is offering Americans guidance on how they can enjoy the Memorial Day weekend, the traditional kickoff to summer. She urges people to enjoy the outdoors, but remain mindful of the virus and the need to stay socially distant. (May 22)

Dr. Mario Ramirez, former pandemic and emerging threats coordinator for the Department of Public Health and Human Services under the Obama administration, offers his take on safety for Memorial Day weekend.
New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Delaware will open their beaches for Memorial Day weekend, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on Friday. The beaches, however, will have restrictions and visitors must maintain social distancing, he said.
It's Memorial Day Weekend and many are ready to kick off their summers - especially those who have been stuck inside for months. But if you live in a state that's been hard hit by COVID-19, the need to be careful is especially important. Small gatherings may be safe, if proper social distancing is practiced, and cross-contamination is avoided by foregoing community dishes and treats like shared bags of chips. We review how to celebrate summer's unofficial beginning safely while still having fun.
Coney Island's famous beach and boardwalk will be open for Memorial Day Weekend, but there's a long list of rules, including a ban on swimming, and sports like Frisbee will not be allowed. Scenes of empty airports at LAX were telling of the pandemic's impact on holiday travel; last year, 43 million Americans took trips for Memorial Day Weekend. This being the first weekend many will venture out after 2 months at home, health officials are nervous of increased COVID-19 transmission. Stay safe!

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