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Fox News 20 Sep 2020

Bill Gates on committing $650 million to fight coronavirus


Bill Gates joins Chris Wallace on 'Fox News Sunday.'

CNN's Anderson Cooper and Bill Gates discuss the state of the coronavirus pandemic in the US and which Covid-19 treatments in the testing phase could be promising for widespread use.
Joe Biden's meeting Thursday with a group of Democratic and Republican governors is his latest attempt to fight through President Donald Trump's unprecedented attempt to block the president-elect's transition to power. (Nov. 19)
Jerome Foster II, executive director of One Million of Us, joins CBSN to discuss how his generation is mobilizing social and political movements across the nation in the fight against climate change.
Bank of America is pledging to address racial and economic inequities by committing $25 million to assist "up-skilling and reskilling" for Black and Hispanic-Latino students. Ebony Thomas, the bank's environmental, social and governance strategy executive, joined CBSN to discuss why investing in communities of color is valuable.

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