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Fox Sports 22 Dec 2020

Bill Belichick has Spare Time this January – Charlotte Wilder


The Patriots will not be playing in the playoffs for the first time since 2009. Which means Bill Belichick will need things to do in January. Charlotte Wilder came up with some hobbies and ideas for how he can fill his time.

Ryan Clark joins Ryan Smith on Get Up to explain how New England head coach Bill Belichick has failed as a general manager to secure the Patriots' future, but (1:23) Dan Graziano and Desmond Howard share why they're giving Bill Belichick another year or two to get out of this.
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"He was—as ever—indifferent to the suffering of millions of Americans while he partied and golfed at his Florida vacation home. Marie Antoinette has nothing on this guy," says Mehdi Hasan on Trump's delay in signing Covid relief bill. Aired on 12/28/2020.
A report surfaced that Patriots head coach Bill Belichick wasn't on the Josh Allen hype train, which is something that should make the Bills QB motivated to beat the Pats every time they play.
New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick declined to accept the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Monday after last week's deadly insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. Aired on 01/12/2021.

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