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Fox News 16 Nov 2020

Biden transition unveils members of 'agency review teams'


Author of 'Always a Soldier' Rob Smith and Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe react on 'The Next Revolution.'

President-elect Joe Biden will announce senior members of his economic team tomorrow, including his nominee for Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. This comes as he's facing divisions from the progressive wing of the party over some of his potential picks. Former Obama speechwriter David Litt joins CBSN for more analysis on the transition.
President-elect Joe Biden formally introduced the officials who will lead his economic team, which is poised to take the helm of the federal government as the nation grapples with the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic. Watch his remarks.
President-elect Joe Biden is set to have one of the most diverse cabinets the nation has ever seen. Advocates and allies are hoping that diversity includes LGBTQ+ representation as well. LGBTQ Victory Institute Vice President Ruben Gonzalez discusses potential cabinet picks.
The nominees and appointees include the first female treasury secretary, Janet Yellen.

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