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NBC News 23 Oct 2020

Biden To Impose Restrictions On Pollution To Protect Residents Of Color


Former Vice President Biden announces his plan to impose restrictions on pollution in fenceline communities to protect residents of color.

The EU has imposed sanctions on 6 individuals and one entity it believes was involved in the attempted assassination of Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny.
President-elect Biden is turning up the pressure on Trump and his administration for failing to move ahead with a peaceful transition of power. Aired on 11/17/2020.
In an interview with FRANCE 24, leading Venezuelan opposition figure Leopoldo Lopez explained that he left Venezuela for Spain last month after reaching the conclusion that he could "more effective in our fight against the dictatorship from exile". He claimed President Nicolas Maduro is still in power "because he's a brutal dictator" and "the head of a criminal enterprise". Lopez called for international sanctions - in particular from European countries such as France - to be imposed on Maduro and other top officials.
With the election still up for grabs, Joe Biden addressed supporters in Wilmington, Delaware, and said he is confident he will win. Biden urged patience, as vote counts are coming in slowly due to high turnout and unprecedented mail-in voting. Watch his remarks here.

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