CNN 18 Nov 2020

Biden gets emotional hearing nurse's story


President-elect Joe Biden criticized the Trump administration for failing to ascertain the election so his transition team can receive access to necessary information and be prepared to tackle the pandemic beginning on day one.

Sen. Ted Cruz slammed the policies of Joe Biden and the Democratic Party during the Judge Amy Coney Barrett hearing.
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un became emotional during a speech at a military parade over the weekend.

He wiped away tears as he spoke of the country's struggles.

While the military display featured newly developed massive missiles, Kim Jong-un thanked his troops for their efforts against the pandemic and recent natural disasters.

Observers have suggested that he may be trying to show humility even as the country faces a mounting economic crisis.
FULL-LENGTH: President Donald Trump comments on his presidential election opponent Joe Biden, slamming the Democratic nominee's policy record, verbal gaffes and more, plus calls out the ‘fake news' media like CNN, remarks on his administration's policy accomplishments over his first term, and calls out prominent Democrat lawmakers during his campaign rally in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. - via Newsmax TV's special rally coverage

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President-elect Joe Biden grew emotional during a virtual roundtable after hearing Mary Turner, an intensive care unit nurse, describe her experience on the frontline battling Covid-19. The Minnesota nurse spoke with CNN's Erin Burnett.


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