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Los Angeles Times 15 Mar 2020

Biden commits to picking woman as running mate, Sanders says he most likely would


Former Vice President Joe Biden said Sunday that he would pick a woman to run as his vice president. Sen. Bernie Sanders said "in all likelihood" he would select a woman as running mate.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi officially backed Joe Biden for president Monday. And more than 200 black women penned an open letter calling for Biden to choose a black woman for vice president. CBS News campaign reporters Tim Perry and LaCrai Mitchell joined CBSN to explain why those leaders say it's time to have black women in leadership positions and how it will change the Democratic Party.
As Senator Bernie Sanders switches gears from running his own campaign to supporting former Vice President Joe Biden, he's directing delegates to follow his lead. CBS News political contributor Lynda Tran joins CBSN to explain the latest strategies from inside the Biden campaign.
Senator Elizabeth Warren, on the day she endorsed Joe Biden for president, tells Rachel Maddow that she would say yes if asked to be Biden's running mate. Aired on 04/15/2020.
The former vice president and Democratic presidential candidate has promised his running mate will be a woman, as former competitors, Sens. Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren, actively campaign.

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