CNN 15 Oct 2020

Biden attempts to clean up Supreme Court expansion answer


Joe Biden attempted to clear up his position on "court packing" -- the term for adding justices to the Supreme Court in order to get more sympathetic rulings -- after weeks of trying to evade the question.
At the beginning of his answer, Biden reiterated once again that he is "not a fan" of court packing but said that his position will depend on how the Supreme Court confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett is "handled." Asked what that means, Biden said it would be contingent on if there was a "real" debate on the Senate floor. "I'm open considering what happens from that point on," he said.
Pressed by ABC's George Stephanopoulos if voters have a right to know about his position, he said, "They do have a right to know where I stand. They have a right to know where I stand before they vote."
"So you'll come out with a clear position before Election Day?" Stephanopoulos asked.
Biden replied, "Yes. Depending on how they handle this."

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Ari Fleischer and Jason Chaffetz weigh in on Democrat's attempts to hold up Supreme Court pick because of the coronavirus. #FoxNews #Hannity
Speaking in Wilmington, Del., on Sept. 27, former vice president Joe Biden accused President Trump of ignoring the American people's will and trying to "steal away" the Affordable Care Act with his Supreme Court nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, who is a conservative federal appeals court judge .
GOP Sen. John Cornyn said on the Senate floor on Wednesday that the Democrats' push to delay Trump's Supreme Court nomination is "an attack on the Constitution."
GOP Rep. Liz Cheney and Rep. Kevin McCarthy spoke at a news conference on Wednesday on President Trump's upcoming Supreme Court pick.

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