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Inside Edition 31 Dec 2020

Bicyclists Attack Driver and His 75-Year-Old Mother's Car


The man whose car was attacked by a group of bicyclists in New York City is speaking out to Inside Edition about what it was like as he and his 75-year-old mother feared for their lives. "I just hear her screaming, and I think that's what haunts me the most and that's what's going to stick with me the longest is 'We're going to die, they're gonna kill us,'" Max Torgovnick said. The attack on 5th Avenue was captured in video widely circulated on social media.

A 12-year-old boy and his 7-year-old cousin are home safe after taking the family's Range Rover on a joy ride through three different states, officials said. Police were able to track the SUV using license plate readers and a toll transponder as it was driven from New York, through New Jersey, to the Delaware border. Authorities say the duo was finally apprehended when the 12-year old used his father's credit card to buy cookies at a rest stop. Inside Edition Digital's TC Newman has more.
Eliz Fulop had just boarded a United flight from Denver to Newark, New Jersey with her husband and their 2-year-old daughter Edaline. Edaline was not wearing a mask, though the airline told the family she was required to wear one. Husband Erhard tries putting a mask on the toddler, but in true 2-year-old fashion, she wasn't having it. When a crew member told them they had to get off the plane, Eliz was in shock. She says they have flown United four times before during the pandemic without issue.
A teenager is speaking out after reporting his father to the FBI for taking part in the Capitol riots. Jackson Reffit, 18, says he is now in hiding as the fallout from his actions continues. "I don't want to be afraid for my life and I don't think I will be because I have so many people backing me," he tells Inside Edition. Video from January 6th allegedly shows his father, 48-year-old Guy Reffit, on the steps of the capitol wearing a helmet and what appears to be a bulletproof vest.
A talented 14-year-old artist created a special painting of one of his hometown heroes, and Twitter helped the two connect. Tyler Gordon's video of him painting Vice President-elect Kamala Harris has been retweeted over 16,000 times so far, including by Chelsea Clinton and the Vice President-elect's sister, Meena Harris. While preparing her cornbread for Thanksgiving dinner, Vice President-elect Harris called Tyler to encourage his artistry and thank him for the painting. Tyler, who did not talk until he was 6 years old, was in a wheelchair for two years and has a severe stutter, says he uses his paintings to speak for him.

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