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Voice of America 20 May 2020

Bicycle Business Booms in Uganda's Transport Lockdown



With Uganda banning the use of public and private transport in late March to curve the spread of COVID-19, the country has seen a boom in demand for bicycles.

British actor Nigel Dixon shared about his experience in Wuhan during lockdown. Check it out.
Some businesses thrive during coronavirus.
Africa's most populated city has gone into lockdown. Lagos in Nigeria is the latest place to tell all its citizens to stay at home for two weeks as officials try to stop the spread of coronavirus. Our correspondent there is Chi Chi Izundu
Singapore was initially hailed as the gold standard in how to curb the coronavirus outbreak without shutting down the economy. But this week that all changed with a record number of new infections reported. The government has now closed schools and many businesses for at least a month.

Dr Danielle Anderson is the Scientific Director at the Duke Medical School in Singapore and she answered our questions.

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