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The Guardian 7 Nov 2019

Beyond Brexit, Corbyn and Johnson: Stoke's politics of hope


In the 2016 referendum, John Harris and John Domokos watched the Staffordshire city vote heavily to leave the EU. Since then, some remainers say they have grown tired of hearing vox pops from leave areas such as Stoke. But away from the election's noise and the political polarisation in the city, which has made one local MP's life incredibly difficult, there are trailblazing efforts to turn Stoke around, which we can all learn from

During his daily Coronavirus briefing, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo offered hopeful words that we can "control the beast" of COVID-19.
The hosts of "Here To Make Friends" are back with a Webby nomination (!) and a fresh week of Bachelor Nation news. Claire Fallon, Emma Gray and Leigh Blickley discuss Pilot Pete and Kelley's newly-official relationship, a surprising "Too Hot To Handle" romance and the love quadrangle drama in the latest episode of "Listen To Your Heart. Plus, watch a clip of their exclusive interview with LTYH's Julia Rae, who reveals what Brandon said to her off-camera.
(3:00) Unofficial Uniform Police: Rams unveil a new look, and Chris has an unpopular opinion
(8:00) Best and worst new uniforms of the offseason
(10:30) Top 5 Uniforms: Chris & Ahmed give their picks
(32:15) Gamechangers: Big Phil joins to talk about the NFL's biggest gamechangers, both then and now
(48:30) Cam Newton: What team could handle him as a backup?
(56:30) #AskMeAnything: Who will the bottom 5 teams be this season?
(1:03:30) Bengals: Do they sneakily have the best WR corps in the NFL?
(1:13:15) QB scouting: Chris throws cold water on the "it factor"
(1:23:15) Who is Chris' favorite non-football athlete?
Families across the U.S. are turning sidewalks into colorful messages of hope, understanding and gratitude to stay connected while social distancing.

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