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Inside Edition 5 Jan 2021

Best Friends Get Plastic Surgery Together


Two best friends are having plastic surgery together. Iowa moms Emily Lesan and Trudie Derenee say they have packed on the Quarantine-15 and then some during the pandemic. They flew to California together to take off some of the weight with the help of Dr. Arian Mowlavi, who performed liposuction on both women. Trudie got to watch as Emily was operated on first. Then it was Trudie's turn. Months later, the women share their progress with Ins

Rough housing is more than playing around for Rommi, a 4-year-old Alaskan Malamute and Andreyka, a 10-month-old bear cub. When Andreyka was rescued earlier this year and brought to a Siberian zoo, she was in poor physical condition. As she has regained her health, play time with Rommi has helped her regain her strength. She will eventually be returned to the wild, but in the meantime, Andreyeka and Rommi have lots of time to play! Inside Edition Digital's TC Newman has more.
'The 'RADICAL' agenda coming in': Representative Doug Collins of Georgia comments on the perceived divide among Republican lawmakers, and how they need to stay aware of the policies a Biden administration will push. - with Newsmax TV's John Bachman
Renowned Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Payman Simoni has died from COVID-19, which he reportedly caught from a patient while performing a lip enhancement. Now some are asking: Should plastic surgery be allowed in Los Angeles as the city's cases skyrocket? Inside Edition was with Simoni back in May, for the return of cosmetic surgery after they were initially put on hold at the beginning of the pandemic. At the time, the doctor assured us that every precaution was being taken.
Shareholders in French automaker PSA Group greenlight a merger with Italian-American rival Fiat Chrysler in a bid to create the world's fourth-largest car company. Also, the French economy looks set for a partial rebound from the coronavirus crisis in 2021, South Korea's plastic surgery industry is booming, and Prince's estate is in trouble with the taxman.

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