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The Hill 24 Sep 2020

Bernie Sanders: Trump LYING about widespread voter fraud


Sen. Bernie Sanders gave an impassioned speech claiming that President Trump is a threat to democracy and his claims of widespread voter fraud are not based in reality.

Since President Trump lost the 2020 election, his campaign lawyers and aides have repeatedly appeared on Fox News to tease baseless allegations of widespread voter fraud.
As Donald Trump and his allies continue to insist widespread voter fraud happened in the 2020 election, a new investigation by The New York Times found no evidence of voter fraud in any of the 50 states. The president appeared in public Wednesday for Veterans Day, after a rare six-day stint away from cameras and crowds following his false claim of a stolen election last week. He marked the day of remembrance by visiting the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery.
Attorney General William Barr has given President Trump's unsubstantiated allegations of voter fraud a boost by allowing prosecutors to go around long-standing policies to investigate allegations of fraud. Judges in Georgia, Michigan and Nevada have already rejected lawsuits backed by the Trump campaign, saying they presented no serious evidence. CBS News White House correspondent Paula Reid joined "CBSN AM" to discuss the campaign's legal strategy.
Georgia's Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger says that he has not seen any evidence of widespread voter fraud in his state's presidential election and also doesn't anticipate a hand recount will change President-elect Joe Biden's victory there.

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