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Voice of America 11 Aug 2020

Beirut Explosion Seen From Nearby Boat


Footage taken from an off shore boat shows the full scope of the huge explosion that rocked Beirut, Tuesday, August 4.

Beirut residents who were caught up in the ammonium nitrate explosion share their stories.

Muayad Moussa al-Qattan, a Syrian refugee, had his house destroyed and said he and his family would have "died of hunger" if it hadn't been for civil organisations feeding them.

Bachir Ramadan, a musician and office worker, remembers being knocked back by the force of the blast and feeling his face burning.

Dr Eliane Ayoub, an anaesthesiologist, works in a nearby hospital that treated 700 injured people in just two hours.
The United Nations estimates 200,000 homes were damaged - 3,000 of which were severely damaged or destroyed.
And many people like Elie Sheyeb have not received any assistance from the government.
Here is his story.
Animals Lebanon, an organization that works to rescue and advocate for animals in the country, has been sharing happy moments to spread some joy during a time of darkness. The organization has reunited more than 100 animals with their owners, and captured many tearful reunions on video.
Temperature sensors and signs of breathing were detected Thursday by a sniffer dog that signaled there may still be survivors buried in rubble, says a volunteer.

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