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Al Jazeera 22 Feb 2020

Bangladesh factories ordered shut to save Dhaka's river


Residents in the Bangladesh capital have been living with some of the worst air quality in the world over the past few days.
But it is not just the air that is polluted in the city.
The government attempting to crack down on the pollution in Dhaka's rivers.
Al Jazeera's Bernard Smith reports.

President Trump told reporters that there are "clear signs" that the strategy laid out by the White House coronavirus task force is working to save lives across the country. Aired on 4/10/2020.
For two days this month, AP photographer Domenico Stinellis captured the life of Dr. Giovanni Passeri as he tried to save lives and care for patients infected with the novel coronavirus. The disease has claimed more than 21,000 lives in Italy. (April 16)
The coronavirus pandemic has confronted NHS workers with an extraordinary challenge. A BBC team reports from the frontline -- with medical teams fighting to save patients at Imperial College Healthcare in London.

Meanwhile there's concern about a sharp fall in the number of people attending accident and emergency departments in England.

Some health charities fear that people with serious conditions such as heart attacks or stroke are avoiding or delaying going to A&E for fear of coming into contact with coronavirus.

Sophie Raworth presents BBC News at Ten reports - from Fergal Keane and cameraman Tony Fallshaw at Imperial College - and from Health Correspondent Dominic Hughes.
The call has been put out by doctors everywhere: if you've survived COVID-19, your blood plasma could help save a life. People who have fully recovered from the disease have antibodies in their plasma that can attack the virus. Sports reporter Jillian Sakovits batted the coronavirus, and now she's showing Inside Edition how she donated plasma to save lives. She went to a New York blood center for the painless and quick procedure, and took us along with her.

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