ESPN 24 Jul 2020

Bakari Sellars praises LeBron for using his platform to speak out on social injustice


Bakari Sellars joins First Take and reacts to Los Angeles star LeBron James using his platform to speak out on social injustice and saying that Black Lives Matter is a lifestyle, not a movement.
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In this week's Parting Shots on Outside the Lines, Bomani Jones to discuss the importance of Naomi Osaka using her platform to speak out on societal issues. Justin Tinsley talks Serena Williams' legacy and praises Williams for her using her platform for societal awareness and Jason Fitz weighs in on the return of sports.
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Michael Holley and Michael Smith discuss LeBron James' response to the L.A. Sheriff's comments about shootings in Compton and how he's set an example and opened the doors for athletes to speak out on social issues.
Olivia Troye tells NBC News' Andrea Mitchell that coronavirus task force scientists were undermined by President Trump and that the president thought Covid-19 could be a good thing so he could stop shaking hands. The White House called Troye a "disgruntled employee" and said she had been fired.
The comedian said he's gotten more political to highlight the issues his community is facing. "I'm just tired of seeing the community minimized and disrespected," he said.

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