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Voice of America 20 Oct 2020

Baby Gorilla Born at Boston Zoo


A male baby gorilla was born in Franklin Park Zoo in Boston, Massachusetts, Wednesday, October 14. It was the first gorilla born at the zoo.

The little boy weighed in at 6 pounds, 3 ounces after being delivered by Cesarean section following unexpected bleeding by his mother, Kiki.

Vets said the procedure went "quickly and smoothly" and that 39-year-old Kiki was recovering well.

Mother and baby were reunited after the birth, and bonding has proceeded smoothly, according to the zoo.


Visitors at the San Diego Zoo witnessed a wild encounter when two of the resident gorillas cracked the glass to their enclosure during a fight. A man who witnessed the moment says he was visiting with this family, who were all glad that the zoo had reopened after being closed due to the coronavirus. He says they got more of a show than expected when one of the gorillas charged at another. Inside Edition Digital's Mara Montalbano has more.
A COVID-19 testing facility has opened in the international terminal at Boston Logan International Airport. Tests will initially be offered to airport and airline employees, but will open to travellers in mid November. (Oct. 28)
An okapi was born recently at the London Zoo. Only minutes after being born, baby Ede was on her feet, scoping out her surroundings. In California, one of Ede's distant cousins, a giraffe, looked on at the San Diego Zoo as two young Southern White Rhinos romped in their habitat. An Eastern black baby rhinoceros was recently born at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden. And in Tunisia, dozens of baby loggerhead sea turtles got an assist from conservationists.
An endangered baby eastern black rhino was born at the Chester Zoo in England this weekend. Conservationists around the world are celebrating, as fewer than 1,000 black rhinos exist. Chester Zoo is asking the public to help pick the baby rhino's name- Kasulu, Koshi or Kaari?

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