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Al Jazeera 8 Feb 2020

Australia bushfires: Heavy rains bring relief, pollution warnings


Flood warnings have replaced bushfire alerts in southeast Australia.
The rains in New South Wales are among the heaviest in almost 20 years.
But the combination of fire and rain has sparked new problems.
Al Jazeera's Alexi O'Brien reports.

For five months the Australian bushfires have ravaged the country, leading to at least 25 deaths. While authorities begin to assess the damage, here are some of the impacts so far.
Heavy rains across southern and central Peru caused rivers to overflow, Wednesday, January 8, flooding houses, fields and washing out roads.
In Australia, bushfires continue to devastate huge areas. Experts say the heat and dryness are set to continue for months. Climate scientists say the massive fires should have been foreseen. Local residents of the burnt-out town of Nerrigundah have returned to try to salvage what remains of their homes and belongings.
CGTN's Rachelle Akuffo talks to Sweta Chakraborty, risk and behavioral scientist and an expert on climate science on how much of a role is human behavior playing in the Australia bushfires.

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