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Al Jazeera 8 Feb 2020

Australia bushfires: Heavy rains bring relief, pollution warnings


Flood warnings have replaced bushfire alerts in southeast Australia.
The rains in New South Wales are among the heaviest in almost 20 years.
But the combination of fire and rain has sparked new problems.
Al Jazeera's Alexi O'Brien reports.

Cell phone footage of houses being swept away by a mudslide in Sao Paulo, Brazil was captured by a nearby resident, Monday, February 10.

Firefighters rescued a girl trapped in one of the two destroyed homes later.

Torrential rains and flooding have ravaged Brazil's largest city over the weekend and local media reported more heavy rains are expected to fall in Sao Paulo. (AP)
The heavy rains are causing serious flooding and damage of their own.
A new video by TIME shows a koala injured in the bushfires that have ravaged Australia in recent months receiving treatment at a local rescue hospital. Though it is uncertain when he can return to the wild.
Firefighters in Australia are on high alert as the country braces for another heat wave. Scorching temperatures mixed with high winds threaten to reignite wildfires in New South Wales.

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