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ABC News 13 Feb 2020

Astronaut reunites with dog after nearly a year in space


Christina Koch's dog couldn't contain her excitement upon the astronaut's return home.

Video shows astronaut Christina Koch's sweet reunion with her dog after spending nearly a year in space.
Thanks to Astronaut Christina Koch, we know what it looks like when your dog welcomes you home after a year in space. Aired on 02/13/20.
A new Associated Press investigation raises questions about the case of a black teen sent to prison nearly 18 years ago, when senator and presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar was a prosecutor in Minnesota. AP reporter Robin McDowell joined CBSN to explain what the investigation uncovered.
A special "out of this world" episode of #AskNASA.

During her record-setting mission NASA astronaut Christina Koch answers key questions about her stay in space. Highlighting her contributions and scientific achievements while aboard the International Space Station.

Including her help to develop medicine in microgravity and collect data needed for longer missions.

Conducting the longest single spaceflight by any woman, Christina gives great insight into questions related to future missions to the Moon with the Artemis missions and future exploration of Mars.

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