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NBC Sports 21 May 2020

#AskMeAnything & Top 40 QB Countdown Preview


(3:30) Tom Brady has solved a problem that Chris is familiar with from his time as a Buccaneers QB
(12:15) Simms Top 40 QB Countdown Preview: Taking a look back at Chris' 2019 list. Some Brady/Brees vindication, and why didn't Chris have Lamar Jackson higher?
(17:10) #AskMeAnything: @thederekquinn "Who do you think will be the most improved QBs in the NFL this season?"
(21:30) @Woolsdan1 "With Mitch Trubisky regressing, who is most responsible?" And why the Bears should just start Nick Foles.
(27:00) a_dubzero "What's up with Jimmy Garoppolo and the deep ball?"
(33:00) Feeet "Who is going to crash the playoffs?"
(36:45) @realEdwardMason "What stat would you like to see be officially recorded?"
(43:15) @ConnerMcGinnis "Who are 1 or 2 WRs that could be this draft's Kevin White?" Chris has concerns about Jalen Reagor & Laviska Shenault Jr.
(47:50) Ahmed tries to recruit more people to #TeamBidet
(49:50) @benp0218 "Who is the one draft prospect where you think 'how did I miss that'?" Chris talks about his scouting mistakes with Dak Prescott & Greg Robinson.
(51:45) UF Jeff "What are the first things to watch for when trying to understand the game better?"
(57:30) Finn Weeks "What did it take for you to do the Lowe's ad with Kurt Warner?"
(1:00:15) @oconnelldarragh "If you could pick where you would have been drafted, where would you have gone?"
(1:03:15) @coacharmijo "My wife wants to know: who's your barber?"
(1:05:45) @bcurtis112 asks Ahmed about Michigan beaches

(2:00) Simms Top 40 QB Countdown: Chris explains his thought process
(5:50) QB #40 Tua Tagovailoa: Are injuries his biggest red flag?
(17:30) QB #39 Dwayne Haskins: Does he have the worst supporting cast in the NFL?
(25:00) QB #38 Mitchell Trubisky: Chris doesn't let Matt Nagy off the hook
(35:45) QB #37 Justin Herbert: Does he start more games than Tyrod Taylor?
(47:15) QB #36 Taysom Hill: "He's on his way to being the starting QB for the Saints in 2021"
(58:30) QB Jeopardy: How well does Chris know the QB classes of 2018 & 2019?

Chris reveals the first 5 names of the Simms Top 40 QB Countdown, while Paul is all about alliteration.
Find out Chris Simms' 40 through 31 pikcs in his top 40 QB countdown ahead of the 2020-2021 NFL season.
Chris reveals four more names in his Top 40 QB Countdown, and Paul has some trivia on journeymen who you'll find high up on the all-time passing yards list.
(2:30) Chris responds to questions about his rankings for Jarrett Stidham & Nick Foles
(10:00) QB #30 Gardner Minshew II: Will he still be the Jaguars starting QB 3 years from now?
(22:45) QB #29 Teddy Bridgewater: Does he need to play more aggressively with the Panthers?
(34:30) QB #28 Ryan Fitzpatrick: Why did he rise 7 spots from last year?
(44:30) QB #27 Andy Dalton: Is his future more Teddy Bridgewater or Jon Kitna?
(53:30) Simms breaks down the difference between the Jon Gruden West Coast offense & Josh McDaniels Patriots offense
(1:04:30) QB Jeopardy: All-time Journeymen
(2:45) The homies & haters react to Chris' ranking of Tua Tagovailoa, Dwayne Haskins & Mitchell Trubisky
(17:15) QB #35 Jarrett Stidham: Why he's a much better prospect than his draft pick indicates.
(24:15) QB #34 Tyrod Taylor: "I think he can take the Chargers to the playoffs. But will that be enough?"
(32:30) Big Phil has thoughts on the 4th-and-15 onside kick alternative that did not pass today.
(49:30) QB #33 Jameis Winston: Why Sean Payton could resurrect his career
(1:02:45) QB #32 Case Keenum: Why he could put pressure on Baker Mayfield
(1:11:00) QB #31 Nick Foles: "I think he'll take the Bears job Week 1 and run with it."

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