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Inside Edition 7 Jan 2021

Ashli Babbitt, Woman Who Died in Coup, Served in US Air Force


Four people died during the violent assault on the United States Capitol. Three had medical emergencies outside, and one woman, 35-year-old Ashli Babbitt, was shot by police while appearing to climb through an indoor window in the Capitol. Babbitt was an Air Force veteran who tweeted "nothing will stop us" the day before she joined other Trump supporters in storming the Capitol. Babbitt lived in San Diego and boarded a flight to D.C., heeding Trump's call to converge on the nation's capital.

NBC's Pete Williams reports that a woman who was shot inside the Capitol building as rioters moved inside has died according to law enforcement.
The woman fatally shot inside the U.S. Capitol Wednesday has been identified as Ashli Babbitt, a friend confirms to Fox News. Babbitt was a 14-year veteran who served four tours with the Air Force and resided in San Diego, according to media reports.
Ann Forry is calling for changes to B.C.'s wrongful death laws after her 29-year-old daughter, Natasha, died of a staph infection at Lions Gate Hospital.

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