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Associated Press 8 Apr 2020

As virus strikes rural Indiana, grief hits home


Three southeast Indiana counties have among the highest per-capita coronavirus infection rates in the US. Sean Durbin is working to stem the spread of the virus in Decatur County, while grieving the loss of a friend to COVID-19. (April 8)

Shaun Donovan, former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, and Robert Zoellick, former president of the World Bank, join Andrea Mitchell to discuss the pressure building on lawmakers and the White House to provide relief for millions of Americans facing joblessness and potential evictions, as the virus-linked downturn continues to take its toll on the economy. Aired on 08/04/2020.
In a new NBC News / Marist poll, Joe Biden holds a five point lead over Donald Trump in Arizona. This poll comes just a day after the state reported the second largest daily COVID-19 death toll to date.
The differences over the next coronavirus aid package are vast. Dems propose $3 trillion in relief. Republicans have a $1 trillion counteroffer. Millions of Americans' jobless benefits, school reopenings and eviction protections are at stake. (July 28)
Officials fear poll worker shortages could threaten an already complicated election. Teens hope to save the day by filling this gap.

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