MSNBC 2 Dec 2020

As Investigations Mount, Trump Reportedly Discusses Family Pardons


Rachel Maddow looks at the variety of investigations directed at Donald Trump and his family and associates, from questions about his inauguration funds to new revelations of bribes-for-pardons probe, and wonders if Trump might even be considering ways to get a pardon for himself. Aired on 12/3/2020.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany is asked when President Trump will concede to President-elect Joe Biden.
Regarding recent reporting that President Trump is considering a pardon for his children, Mary Trump says he wouldn't be considering those pardons ‘if there weren't a there there.' Aired on 12/4/2020.
Are President Trump and Melania on the hunt for a new house in Palm Beach? The soon-to-be former first family apparently won't be taking up residence at Mar-a-Lago, which has been a topic of contention for some time, as zoning for the property designates it as a club that is not to be permanent residence for anyone. Others are saying that the 2,000-square-foot Mar-a-Lago suite just isn't big enough for them. Trump has also reportedly pushed for a local airport in the area to be renamed after him.
President Donald Trump conceded on Thursday that Joe Biden will be the next U.S.  president, a day after his supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol as Congress was certifying Biden's victory in a stunning assault on American democracy.

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