Newsy 14 Oct 2020

As COVID-19 Surges In Europe, So Does Resistance To Restrictions


New restrictions all over Europe come amid growing "COVID-19 fatigue" among people running out of patience with the ever-changing rules.

Countries across Europe are taking emergency action to stop a surge in coronavirus infections.
Globally, there are now more than 40 million cases, and the World Health Organization is warning that colder weather will make the next few months more difficult in the Northern Hemisphere.

Al Jazeera's Nadim Baba reports.
The WHO has warned hospitals and intensive care units are running close to or above capacity in "too many countries", as the coronavirus outbreak continues to surge across Europe.
Class is back in session at colleges and universities across the U.S. That's meant new policies to prevent the spread of the coronavirus but also thousands of new COVID-19 cases.
The federal government tabled legislation today to provide what it's calling a "safe bridge" for Canadians who are still experiencing lost income due to COVID-19 and they're urging MPs to pass the bill quickly.

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