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Voice of America 18 May 2020

As Coronavirus Settles in, Some in US Flee to Bunkers


It's easy to get a bit paranoid during these times of pandemic, Real estate agents in the US say some of their clients are so worried, they're looking for a bit of extra security #bunkers

Some employers are turning to software that monitors their employees as they work from home during the coronavirus pandemic. CBS News contributor and Wired editor-in-chief Nick Thompson joined CBSN with how it works.

President Donald Trump said, Saturday, April 4, that the United States was heading into what could be its "toughest" weeks as coronavirus cases swell nationwide.

Trump also revisited a familiar message, saying he wants to get the economy up and running as soon as possible.

The number of people infected in the U.S. exceeds a quarter-million.

Boris Johnson has urged people not to lose patience with the lockdown but there's concern that some people are doing just that.

Police in North Yorkshire say they have recently received abuse as they tried to turn people away from beauty spots. So is the lockdown falling apart in some areas? And what are the options for lifting it?

Meanwhile some health workers are still struggling to get a test for coronavirus. That's the warning from the British Medical Association. It says that since the government increased the number of people eligible for testing to 10 million key workers and their families, the online system has been fully booked.

The government target is to reach 100 thousand tests a day by the end of the month but yesterday just 37,000 tests were carried out

Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reports from North of England Correspondent Danny Savage, Science Editor David Shukman and Health Editor Hugh Pym.
There's been another big rise in the number of people who have died from coronavirus in the UK - 563 in the last 24 hours. The government has said it's the biggest threat to the country in decades and worse is to come. Most of the cases are in London but NHS England says the threat is everywhere and the growing number of hospital admissions in the Midlands is now a cause for concern. Nearly a million people have applied for universal credit benefits in the past fortnight - almost 10 times the usual number.  Meanwhile there's been more criticism that the government hasn't acted fast enough to increase testing for Coronavirus. Sophie Raworth presents BBC News at Ten reports by Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg, Economics Editor Faisal Islam and Health Editor Hugh Pym.

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