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Al Jazeera 27 Nov 2020

As China tightens its grip on Hong Kong, could Taiwan be next?


As China's President Xi Jinping consolidates his power, scrapping a two-term presidential limit and cracking down on voices opposed to him, he has taken a firmer grip on the northwestern region of Xinjiang and self-governing Hong Kong.

His next focus could be the island of Taiwan. Xi has gone as far as saying it is an "inevitable requirement for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese people".

Plus: A failed decades-old policy of unfettered free-market economics. What is next for Chile as the people redefine the economy to eliminate inequality?

And, Argentina plans to tax the rich to pay for the pandemic.

The family of a man detained in mainland China after fleeing Hong Kong by boat believes a letter he sent was written under duress.

The mother of Wong Wai Yin told Sky News that the family had received a letter from him on 20 November.

He was arrested in January on charges of making explosives in connection with the 2019 protests, and was awaiting trial when he fled along with 11 other people.
China has blocked a World Health Organization team of experts conducting an investigation into the origin of the coronavirus from entering the country. In Hong Kong, police arrested at least 53 pro-democracy activists. And U.S. intelligence agencies have formally named Russia as the likely source of the massive cyber-hack revealed in December 2020. CBS News foreign correspondent Roxana Saberi joins "CBSN AM" from London with those stories.
Hong Kongese activist in exile, Nathan Law, spoke to France 24's Fran├žois Picard about the crackdown on pro-democracy figures and the imprisonment of Jimmy Lai and Joshua Wong.
It's a movement that swelled into the millions, winning the backing of both leaders and the public around the world.
And it's been championed as one of the 21st century's most important social movements.
Key figures are behind bars or facing charges. Pro-democracy politicians either walked out - or have been kicked out - of the legislature.
New strict security laws are being used to shut down Beijing's critics.
And most recently, a group of activists who fled from Hong Kong to Taiwan has been sentenced to prison.
How will the turmoil in Hong Kong play out?

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