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Associated Press 21 May 2020

Arizona police: Gunman said he wanted 'respect'


Police in a Phoenix suburb on Thursday said a 20-year-old suspect in a shooting at a shopping and entertainment district told police he wanted to gain respect because he had been bullied. (May 21)

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo defended his push to have his department's inspector general fired, saying he "should have done it some time ago," but refused to explain his reasoning for recommending President Donald Trump remove Steve Linick from his job.
When pressed to explain why he lobbied to have the independent watchdog fired, Pompeo refused to elaborate, saying only that he would "share with the appropriate people." He also said claims that he pushed for Linick's ouster in retaliation for the watchdog's probes into some of his activities and his use of the office are "patently false."

Police agencies in Nova Scotia were warned in May 2011 that the man who would go on to kill 22 people in April had a stash of guns and said he wanted "to kill a cop," according to records newly obtained by CBC News.

Residents say authorities are being heavy-handed in their efforts to impose the lockdown.…
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi reacts to Trump's attack on her after she called him out for taking hydroxychloroquine, and she discusses what measures are needed to unify the country and support those most effected by coronavirus. Aired on 5/19/2020.

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