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Al Jazeera 24 Sep 2020

Argentina economic crisis worsening due to COVID-19


The economic situation in Argentina is so bad, that some businesses say it is not worth staying open.
The economy contracted by a record 19 percent in the second quarter, and that is mainly because of the coronavirus pandemic.
Meanwhile, the number of people dying continues to rise, despite a six-month lockdown, one of the longest in the world.

Al Jazeera's Daniel Schweimler reports from Buenos Aires.

On the occasion of Pink October, an operation intended to raise awareness and support research around breast cancer, doctors and volunteers are sounding the alarm over the late treatment of patients due to the Covid-19 pandemic. FRANCE 24's Alexandra Renard and James Wilson report at Gustave Roussy Hospital. #PinkOctober
Millions of Americans are living without adequate access to food, and with the surging number of cases of COVID-19 nationwide we are seeing growing issues with food security. The Rockefeller Foundation recently published a report highlighting the steps the nation needs to take to combat the growing food crisis. Devon Klatell, managing director of the food initiative at the Rockefeller Foundation, joins CBSN to discuss possible solutions.
Intensive care units at Paris hospitals will be packed with Covid-19 patients as soon as next week, the head of the region's public hospital group warned Tuesday, ratcheting up expectations that President Emmanuel Macron could announce tougher measures to stem the surge in his Wednesday evening speech.
Event organizers say holiday events and celebrations are in jeopardy this year because COVID-19 protocols make the effort too expensive and restrictive.

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