CNET 13 Sep 2020

Apple Watch, iPad and everything we're expecting at the Apple Event


The Apple Watch 6, a new iPad Air and all the other surprises Apple could announce at its Sept. 15 event.

Can you believe the #2 movie at the box office is "Hocus Pocus?" The 1993 Halloween classic starring Bette Midler brought in $2 million despite coming out 17 years ago. With few new films besides Christopher Nolan's "Tenet," which grabbed the top box office spot, movie theaters are relying on hit classics like "Beetlejuice" to keep the money coming in, and it's proving to be a winning strategy with nostalgic movie buffs and first time viewers alike.
For over four decades, David and Leon had been raised by each other's biological parents. DNA testing confirmed the mix up, in a hospital in the Canadian province of Manitoba after they were born in 1975. Valentina Suman and Tatyana Muradyan were born at the same hospital in Moldova, in March of 1978. But after bath time, the nurses returned the babies to the wrong families— who took them home. The families say they didn't learn the truth until a 2017 DNA test.
Crews hang up wreaths on the White House on Wednesday.
With President Trump calling on his supporters to monitor the polls, NBC News' Ron Allen looks at who poll watchers are, and fears some may go too far.

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