CNET 15 Sep 2020

Apple One subscription bundle is great for Apple fans


Apple is finally bundling its services into three separate tiers with the Apple One subscription option, but is it for you? We break down each tier and why the bundle might be a good (or bad) investment.

Jalen Rose joins Mike Greenberg on Get Up to react to the Los Angeles Lakers taking a 3-1 series lead against the Miami Heat and explains why he is rooting for Jimmy Butler's squad to take Game 5.
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Donovan Mitchell joins Rachel Nichols on The Jump to discuss how he is fighting for social justice after leaving the NBA bubble in Orlando, Florida, if he has gotten over losing Game 7 to the Denver Nuggets and plays "What Were You Thinking?"
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"Don't forget what's happening here because it's a travesty... It will be an in-erasable stain on this Republican majority forever more."

Sen. Schumer lashed out at Senate Republicans during a weekend session on Sunday as a final vote is set for Judge Amy Coney Barrett.
Almost four years of Donald Trump have left America's European allies in a state of shock. He's walked out of important treaties. He's lashed out against America's friends. He has cozied up to authoritarians. He's abandoned the most important international treaties of our time. And he has even threatened NATO — the bedrock of America's global power. It's diplomatic disruption on an unprecedented scale. But even for America's shell-shocked allies, it may not be all bad. So just how much has Trump disrupted transatlantic relations? DW's Chief International Editor Richard Walker explains why Europe is praying for a Joe Biden win in the 2020 US election.

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