CNET 12 Nov 2020

Apple HomePod Mini review: Apple's small speaker delivers big sound


The long-awaited HomePod Mini is here. It's Apple's smaller, more affordable smart speaker, and it competes with Google's Nest Mini and Amazon's new Echo Dot. With impressive sound and Siri on board, it might hit the sweet spot for Apple fans looking for a HomeKit smart home speaker.

Here are our thoughts so far on Apple's Homepod Mini, the more-affordable smart speaker. Apple's new speaker aims to bring high-end sound quality and Siri-enabled smarts to a smaller and more affordable package. The $99 HomePod Mini will go on sale in November in two colors. It'll connect to your iPhone, iPad and even CarPlay in interesting ways.
The iPhone 12 Mini does something many of us wanted: It's a truly small phone without compromises. Making a device that comes in different sizes doesn't seem like a big deal. And yet it is, because it's an iPhone. I spent a week putting the iPhone 12 Mini through its paces to see if it makes sense, in 2020, to have a phone this small.
The Vintage Market had shows with up to 30,000 in attendance. After the pandemic, its owners found new ways to survive.
Apple today revealed a slew of new products, including 3 new iPhones, the new iPhone 12, the 12 mini, and the 12 pro, as well as a new Homepod Mini. You're watching CNET's supercut, an edited recap of the event, in 12 minutes, so you don't have to watch the whole hour-long event, just every product that was announced, back-to-back. For all this and more, be sure to subscribe for continued iPhone 12 news.

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