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Fox Business Network 3 Feb 2020

Apple ceases business in China amid coronavirus


Morning Business Outlook: Apple is temporarily halting business in China as a health precaution; federal agencies seize thousands of fake Super Bowl LIV merchandise.

Hong Kong will impose a quarantine on all visitors from mainland China amid the coronavirus outbreak. CBS News Asia correspondent Ramy Inocencio joined CBSN AM from Hong Kong to talk about the latest.
A Cal State University Northridge student is still in China on Thursday night, near the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak -- his semester studying abroad turning into a nightmare. Samson Adame, 24, has been stuck in the Shandong Province of China since the epidemic broke out nearly a month ago. CBS Los Angeles' Lesley Marin reports.
Chartered cargo planes carrying Americans arrived at two secure military bases in California. The hundreds on board are now beginning a 14-day quarantine, and the CDC said two more flights will soon be heading to Texas and Nebraska.
"We are dealing with someone who has not been transparent."

Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn said on the Senate floor that she is skeptical of the U.S.-China relationship amid the spread of the coronavirus.

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