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The Guardian 25 Mar 2020

Anywhere but Westminster coronavirus diaries: alone, together


The headlines have so far been all about a panic-buying, lockdown-defying Britain. But in video sent by viewers and their own neighbourhoods, John Harris and John Domokos find distancing and isolation giving rise to amazing community spirit, even as Covid-19's effects deepen

Sarah-Jane Mee discusses uplifting, positive news stories from the week with DJ Fatboy Slim and TV Presenter Dr Zoe Williams in episode two of In This Together.

#coronavirus #covid19
Sarah-Jane Mee discusses the uplifting, positive news stories from the last seven days with Brian May, Talia Dean and Fleur East.

#coronavirus #covid19
Six weeks into Britain's Covid-19 crisis, Anywhere but Westminster asks how a city keeps going when everything has ground to a halt. The team virtually visits Plymouth, population 250,000, to see how the services that are vital to a city and its inhabitants are scrabbling to stay afloat. The fishing industry is in meltdown, temporary housing is oversubscribed and nurses facilitate goodbyes over Zoom. Most of all, people are asking: what on earth happens after this?
We're in this together! See your favorite NBCUniversal talent share how you can protect yourself and help slow the spread of coronavirus. Learn more at #AloneTogether

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