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Inside Edition 3 Jan 2021

Animals Who Thought They Were Different Species


In 2015, we met Goliath, a young cow who was rescued from a dairy farm. He was nursed back to health with bottle-feeding, and he adopted a sibling: a Great Dane named Leonidas. His rescuers in California say Goliath started thinking he was a dog, too. When human Hannah Simpson couldn't afford a horse of her own, she opted for a cow named Lilac. And Pusha the cat thought she was a squirrel mom after she formed her own little family with four baby squirrels in Crimea.

Chris Salcedo on the Left's push to censor conservative thought, Biden's history of silencing his opponents, the Left's openness to redact facts and more - via Newsmax TV's 'The Chris Salcedo Show.'
Tucker Carlson calls out Dr. Fauci and other officials for misleading the public on school closures. #FoxNews #Tucker
Charlotte Wilder can see the hot takes now: that Pittsburgh was never that good. She thinks the Steelers are losing steam by losing two in a row, but Buffalo has found their savior in Josh Allen.
A former adviser for the software company SolarWinds, at the center of a massive hack of U.S. government agencies and companies, says he warned them years ago about security issues. Nina Jankowicz, a disinformation fellow for the Wilson Center, spoke to Tanya Rivero about President Trump's refusal to blame Russia for the attack, as the rest of his administration is doing.

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