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Newsmax TV 29 Jan 2020

Andy Biggs: Are enough people watching? Impeachment rumors flying


Congressman Andy Biggs of Arizona talks impeachment rumors regarding witnesses, votes for removal or acquittal and which way Senators are leaning, and the political implications of the trial on "Newsmax Now" with John Bachman.
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Rep. Andy Biggs, (R-Ariz), discusses the measures being taken by the Trump administration to address the coronavirus outbreak and the risks posed by the disease to the American people.
One America's Jennifer Franco spoke with Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) about the coronavirus outbreak, FISA process reforms, and a recent Supreme Court ruling over a cross-border shooting incident in 2011.
Young people may not face the highest health risk due to the coronavirus, but they're dealing with much of their world being shut down around them. Health experts say the actions of younger generations can have a significant impact on the course this pandemic takes. DW correspondents around the world checked in to see how youth are dealing with the social and societal restrictions.
The Cow Guy Group founder Scott Shellady discusses the declining price of oil and the need for people to calm down amid world health concerns.

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