Euronews 24 Jun 2020

Analysis: New EU tools to prevent backsliding on the rule of law within the bloc


So far, the EU's response to assaults on the rule of law was based on infringement procedures, European Court of Justice rulings, and - in the case of Hungary and Poland - the so-called Article 7 process. But now, the EU is introducing new tools.

Demonizing and stripping the rights of certain groups (like immigrants, protesters, and people of color). Unlawful search and seizure by federal forces (in multiple cities). Jailing those who could damage efforts to stay in power (like Michael Cohen) and freeing those who break the law on your behalf (Roger Stone and Michael Flynn). Attacking institutions (like the free press and the inspector general system). Mehdi Hassan and other commentators argue that it's time to call the behavior of President Trump
Brussels committed itself to tackle rule of law backsliding when it took office last year. MEPs say now is the time to deliver.
Attorney General Bill Barr compared Covid-19 shutdowns to slavery and said ‘too much deference' was given to career prosecutors instead of political appointees. He has also said prosecutors should consider charging protesters under felony sedition laws. Commentators are worried about the increasingly authoritarian tone of his statements, and what actions he would take if kept in power. Aired on 09/17/2020.
ABC News Deputy Political Director MaryAlice Parks discusses what to watch for on the third night of the convention, including speeches from Kamala Harris and former President Barack Obama.

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