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Al Jazeera 29 Jan 2020

Analysis: 50 US troops face brain injuries after Iran strikes


The Pentagon now says 50 US troops in Iraq have been diagnosed with "traumatic brain injuries" after the Iranian missile strikes earlier this month on the military facility where they were based.
The United States originally announced that nobody had been hurt in the strikes that were in retaliation to the US assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani.
But last week, the Pentagon said 34 people had been injured and that some were still receiving treatment.
US President Donald Trump was criticised following a news conference at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where he appeared to minimise their symptoms implying they had "headaches" that were not "serious".
Richard Weitz, a security and defence analyst at Wikistrat, a global risk consultancy, talks to Al Jazeera.

The Pentagon announced that over 100 U.S. troops have been diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries after the Iranian missile strikes.
The Pentagon says 109 U.S. service members have been diagnosed with mild traumatic brain injuries after after a missile attack in Iraq.
In a new piece for The New York Times, Dave Philipps takes a closer look at a problem the military has struggled with for more than a decade: Accurately diagnosing brain injuries in the field. Philipps joined CBSN to discuss his work.
Smoke rises after air strikes hit the town of Al-Bara in the contested Idlib province of Syria, Monday, March 2.
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