Washington Post
Washington Post 3 Nov 2020

Americans vote on Election Day


Voters in key states across the country cast their votes on Election Day, marking the end to a contentious campaign season in the middle of a pandemic. Despite a record surge in early voting, people turned up at the polls to cast their ballots, some in fear that mail-in ballots would not be counted.

First lady Melania Trump votes in Palm Beach, Florida, saying she wanted to cast her ballot on Election Day.
Voters in North Carolina streamed into a Charlotte polling place to cast their ballots on Election Day. (Nov. 3)
Many ride-hailing services are helping people get to the polls on Election Day by offering discounted rides. Derrick Ko, CEO and co-founder of the electric scooter company Spin, joined CBSN's Tanya Rivero to discuss how transportation is an important factor for turning out votes.
Michigan Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist says voters can feel confident that law enforcement will protect against any potential intimidation efforts at the polls on Election Day. He joined CBSN's Anne-Marie Green from Detroit with details.

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