CNET 23 Oct 2020

Amazon Luna should be free (at least for now)


Play from your iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC with Amazon's $6/month Stadia competitor.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stated that, whether a person is a citizen or not, the Coronavirus vaccine must be free to all people in the United States.
President Trump called out 'Anonymous' NYTimes op-ed writer Miles Taylor at his rally in Florida. Trump said, "There should be major criminal liability for some scum like this" and urged officials to prosecute him.
The Commission on Presidential Debates releases a statement saying that "additional structure should be added" to the format of the remaining debates. Aired on 9/30/2020.
At least one gunman staged a series of attack in the Austrian capital of Vienna, just hours before a new coronavirus lockdown was set to begin, killing at least 4 people. Seven others are in critical condition. One suspect, who was carrying a rifle and a fake suicide vest was shot and killed by the police. The Austrian Interior minister has confirmed one gunman had "sympathies towards the Islamic State group", FRANCE 24's Vienna correspondent Anthony Mills reports.

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