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Alex Smith: Project 11 [Extended Trailer]


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After a 6-3 start to the 2018 season, everything seemed to be going according to plan for quarterback Alex Smith. Then came the Nov. 18 game against the Houston Texans; Alex was sacked and fell to the ground with a severe injury to his right leg. But nobody knew just how severe the really situation was—until now. ESPN's Stephania Bell spent more than a year documenting Alex's journey for E:60, with rare and exclusive access to him, his family and his doctors, who deemed the injury "warlike." Project 11 is a riveting look at the life of Alex Smith, from lightly recruited high school quarterback to battle-tested former No. 1 draft pick fighting his way back from an injury that almost cost him everything.

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Smart Regions takes a look at one EU project that's strengthening the epidemiological and virological surveillance of COVID-19 by harnessing patient data from 11 European countries.
Tthe European Virus Archive (EVA) is at the forefront in the battle against the coronavirus. Futuris speaks to its head, Professor Jean Louis Romette.
Alex Rodriguez joins Stephen A. Smith and Domonique Foxworth on First Take to discuss Derek Jeter's recent comments about a lack of trust between MLB owners and players. A-Rod also gives his thoughts on the 2020 season which is scheduled for 60 games.

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Highlights of this day in history: America normalizes diplomatic ties with Vietnam; Aaron Burr mortally wounds Alexander Hamilton in a duel; Skylab makes a fiery return to Earth; Babe Ruth's major league debut; Laurence Olivier dies. (July 11)

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