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ABC News 22 May 2020

Alaska becomes 1st state to fully reopen


ABC News' Kayna Whitworth reports from Alaska as it attempts to return to life pre-pandemic.

House Republicans Brian Mast and Micheal Schultz are some of the GOP lawmakers returning to Washington to demand Congress fully reopen. Politico congressional reporter Melanie Zanona joins CBSN to discuss their plan and the possibility of proxy voting.
The responsibility for the COVID-19 crisis lies directly at the Chinese government's feet, says Missouri's Attorney General Eric Schmitt. #FoxNews #Tucker

FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC),
President Trump has released a plan for states to reopen the economy in phases. CBS News' Ian Lee reports on the details, and then CBS News chief Washington correspondent Major Garrett joins CBSN to talk more about what would be involved.
There have been protests in several US states demanding that governors end the lockdowns and reopen the economy. President Donald Trump has indicated support for the demonstrations, even though the White House cannot order individual states to act. The US is the world's worst-affected country, with more than 40 thousand people having died from the Coronavirus.

Ryan Thompson reports.

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