CNN 19 Nov 2020

Alan Greenspan on Covid crisis: I've never seen anything like this


Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan tells CNN's Julia Chatterley that getting the economy "back to where we were, could take a long time." He also weighs in on the Federal Reserve, passing a stimulus package, and shares some advice for President-elect Joe Biden.

CNN's Brian Stelter looks at the TV channels that are gaining in ratings and becoming competition for Fox News.
ABC News contributor Tom Bossert explains how high the number of daily cases could potentially climb and if there's any way to avoid it.
Andrea Mitchell discusses what unfolded during the first presidential debate between President Trump and Joe Biden, saying she had "never seen anything like this" and called the event a "disgrace."
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy harshly criticized House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over her negotiating position on COVID relief, saying the Democrats' plan "mentions cannabis more than it mentions jobs." (Oct. 1)

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