Newsy 31 Mar 2020

Airbnb sets aside $250M for hosts


Airbnb will pay 25% of what hosts would've received for a cancellation so they can get back at least some of that lost money.

Former Vice President Joe Biden outlined a series of election promises - from a police oversight committee to investment in Obamacare - in an impassioned speech that lambasted Donald Trump for his reaction to growing civil unrest in the wake of George Floyd's death.

He said he would seek to "heal the racial wounds that have long plagued this country", drawing attention to the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 and rising unemployment on black and minority ethnic communities.

The presumptive Democratic candidate emphasised the right to protest peacefully - but said there was no place for looting.
Employers must provide agricultural workers with face masks, more hand-washing stations and more frequently disinfect work surfaces under new rules established Thursday by Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee. (May 28)
Cleaning up the world's oceans - we'll hear from activists who say waste related to the COVID-19 crisis is making plastic pollution worse.
Twenty-seven senators are asking HHS to set aside funding for PPE and increased staffing in nursing homes and senior living facilities.

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