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CBS News 2 Dec 2019

After struggling to find a job, this man with autism decided to open his own business


A Rhode Island man found it difficult to find a job after graduating. So he took matters into his own hands and opened his own coffee shop. He hopes to employ people with special needs just like him.

At the ‘Graduate Together' special, former President Barack Obama tells graduating seniors to "set the world on a different path" while being "alive to one another's struggles" as they navigate through the coronavirus pandemic.
Italy has closed its parks and public gardens to stop the spread of coronavirus. But one park in Rimini is welcoming children with autism under a booking system.

Nicola Coppa brings his son Nino to play and says it is making a massive difference to him after lockdown disrupted his routine and regular activities.

Filmmaker Elisabetta Zavoli spent the day with them for BBC World Service programme Newsday.

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Editing: Greg Brosnan
The job market is tough due to coronavirus pandemic. CGTN speaks with a career counselor on what to do so you are job ready.
COVID-19 isn't discriminatory when it comes to draining the life out of businesses. Companies big and small, are trying to find a way forward. Many thought business interruption insurance would see them through a crisis like a pandemic - but, they were wrong.

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